National Development Company

Management Directory

Name Position Office Contact Nos. Email Address
Direct Line Trunkline Local
Ma. Lourdes F. Rebueno General Manager Office of the General Manager 840-1139 840-4838 258 mlfr@ndc.gov.ph
Lilia L. Arce Asst. General Manager Asset Management Group 840-3946 840-4838 212 lla@ndc.gov.ph
Saturnino H. Mejia Asst. General Manager Special Projects Group 840-4856 840-4838 248 shm@ndc.gov.ph
Atty. Rhoel Z. Mabazza Department Manager Legal Department 840-4860 840-4838 272 rzm@ndc.gov.ph
Joyce Anne N. Alimon Department Manager Finance and Administrative Dept. 840-3943 840-4838 222 janalimon@ndc.gov.ph
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