San Carlos Bioenergy, Inc. (SCBI), a joint venture project between the private and the government sector, is an integrated ethanol distillery and power cogeneration plant with an output capacity of 125,000 liters per day (lpd) of fuel grade ethanol and approximately 8 MW of electricity.
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The company is working its way to survival as a business entity. Relieved from the threat of near-insolvency, the company kept its commitment to abide by all its obligations to employees, workers, planters and creditors. The company currently employs more than 300 personnel, the majority of whom are residents of San Carlos City and nearby towns. SCBI has encountered many diverse challenges including issues in the disposal of its by-product and challenges in distillery operations. But amidst financial difficulties, the plant invested more than P100 million to prevent further spill and measures are taken to reduce incidence of smell crossing over the plant fence line.
Likely to turn around financially this year and generate net income by end-year 2018.