Mandate and Functions


NDC is mandated to pursue commercial, industrial, agricultural or mining ventures in order to give the necessary impetus to national economic development. NDC, may on its own, or in joint venture with the private sector, undertake vital projects when necessary or when the private sector is not willing or able to undertake such projects due to high risks or to lack of funds/resources.
(Strengthening the Enforcement of the Agri-Agra Law and Launching of the NDC “AA” Bonds for Rural Development) – Authorized NDC to undertake the issuance of NDC Agri-Agra Bonds in the total amount of P50B for the development of the agriculture and agrarian sectors.
(Authorizing the NDC to Issue Bonds under Executive Order 83, Series of 1998 for the pump-priming activities and other projects of the government) – The EO strengthens NDC’s authority to issue bonds under EO 83 Series of 1998, and expanded the utilization of the bond proceeds to include the economic pump-priming activities/projects of the government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) and any other projects designed for economic growth and poverty alleviation.
Executive Order No. 824
Authorizing the National Development Company (NDC) to Issue Bonds for Infrastructure Projects.
Executive Order No. 824-A
Amending Executive Order No. 824 authorizing the National Development Company to Issue Bonds for Infrastructure Projects to include projects for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Government Infrastructure Facilities damaged or destroyed by typhoons “Ondoy” and “Pepeng”.