Vision and Mission

By 2022, NDC is the Philippines’ leading state-owned enterprise investing in diverse industries, serving as an effective catalyst for inclusive growth.
Enabling industry development, spurring local economies.
Corporate Philosophy:
We are committed to fulfill NDC’s vital role in the over-all economic development of the country. We advocate excellence, teamwork, and accountability to advance the interest of our stakeholders. We will invest in our human capital as it is our most valuable resource.
Core Values:
Passion. Integrity. Commitment. Excellence. Final Prudence.
Quality Policy:

We are committed to serve as a reliable partner of both public and private sectors is sustaining the country’s socio economic development efforts. To uphold this commitment, we shall:

  1. Continuously invest in strategic priority areas that will sustain our fund generation activities;
  2. Practice prudence in handling corporate resources to warrant maximum public impact;
  3. Establish mechanisms and procedures that reinforces learning, continual improvement and risk-based thinking;
  4. Ensure business plan continuity, responsiveness and transparency in accordance with NDC’s code of corporate governance;
  5. Advocate excellence, accountability, and teamwork to advance the interest of our stakeholders; and;
  6. Invest in our human capital as it is our most valuable resource.